My Philosophy

The world is so busy. There is a lot going on out there. We all do so much, give so much.

We may be involved with a multiplicity of tasks and actions with many people throughout our day, and then return home to our loved ones exhausted and carrying unresolved stress and tension. We may spend our day with children or elders and to do lists. Most of us spend much of our lives focused on doing and accomplishing without taking time to slow and return to ourselves, to just be and allow time for reflection.
Stress builds upon itself.

My commitment during a massage therapy session is to address the specific symptoms and issues that bring you, while providing a time for you to empty of stress, to rest and to enter a state of deep relaxation. In this state your body is best able to repair and rebalance itself.

The simplicity of allowing yourself to slow and become still, to allow yourself to be taken care of and pampered is deeply nourishing. There is time for reconnection with the wise aspects of the self, time for ease and insight and peace.