Staying relaxed

Regular stretching will help keep your muscles loose. Bob Anderson’s book Stretching is a great resource. Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are very helpful.

If you work at a computer, here are a few things you can do to release the build up of tension during the day:
• every hour or so do a few shoulder shrugs
• blink your eyes hard several times to relieve eyestrain (which also affects neck and jaw)
• bend your head to the side, ear to shoulder, and then slowly rotate your head forward in a half-circle till it gets to the other side.
   go the other direction, stopping for 30 seconds anywhere that is especially tight
• if you can, get up and walk a little, stretch anything that feels like it needs a stretch.

The rest pose is very good at the end of a workday. In a quiet, warm spot where you won’t be disturbed, with or without quiet, slow music, lie on a soft but firm surface, like a carpeted floor, on your back with pillows under your knees. As at the end of your massage session, run a scan through your body. For 10-15 minutes let your attention follow your easy natural breath, breathing nourishment into yourself as you breathe out any tension. If any potentially stressful thoughts ask for your attention, tell them to come back later. ‘Scan’ again when you are finished, ready to be relaxed and present with whatever is next.