What to expect

When you walk into Wellspring Massage, you will smell lavender. In this peaceful space we will sit and talk for a few minutes about why you have come and what I may need to know about you. I will show you into the treatment room where you will get ready and get onto the very comfortable massage table. There will be quiet music (unless you choose none), the plan is to soothe and nourish all the senses.

Your body is unique, and you know it better than anyone. I will ask you to let me know if anything occurs which you are not comfortable with, so that the treatment will be best suited to you. At the same time, I want you to be able to relax deeply, so I won’t ask you a lot of questions. My commitment is to have the session feel comfortable and pampering. as we address your symptoms and treatment requests. Our shared purpose is for you to feel relaxed and peaceful afterwards.

It is best not to plan anything strenuous afterward, and to continue to pamper yourself and rest (see After Treatment).